A natural vocal talent.


Born to Cape Verdean parents in Senegal (her father was from Fogo and her mother from São Vicente), Ceuzany lived in that country until the age of 2, when her family returned to Mindelo. In 2008, she won an award at a gala contest for singers from the island of Fogo. Arlindo Evora, the leader of Cordas do Sol, met her there and invited her to join the group. From 2007 to 2013, she brought her distinctive shine to the concerts and records of the band (who were then at the height of their popularity), channeling all her energy and exuberance into their performances.

With her first solo album, Nha Vida (released in 2012, it included the track Ultimo Chance), Ceuzany revealed her tremendous vocal potential and talent as a performer, attracting huge interest from professionals and national and foreign media.

Ilha d’Melodia, her second album, further underlines the quality of her melodic expression and vocal power. On it, Ceuzany bares her soul: each of the songs reveals the experiences and emotions that have shaped the facets of her personality.


Ilha d’Melodia – 2016

Nha Vida – 2014

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