The Beatles of reggaeton


In Cuba, you can praise the sound of American hip-hop and mention Maïakovski in the same flight of enthusiasm. The island’s collision of cultures and influences is one of the keys to understanding the melting pot of genres that has made the new Cuban wave of reggaeton the most popular movement since the emergence of salsa.
Flashback… before Cubanito 20.02 became the star group of the new Cuban scene, the term reggaeton gained currency in the West following a few American hits, including the famous “Oye Mi Canto” by New York rapper Noreaga. But the genre – seen as the latest fashion in the USA – had a very different significance in the land of salsa. With Cubanito 20.02, the rebel island launched its music into the third millennium, blending tradition with modernity.


Imaginate (Single) – 2013

My World – 2012

Tocame – 2005

Soy Cubanito – 2004

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