Elida Almeida

A stunning new talent


Winner of the Prix Découvertes RFI in 2015, Elida, a young woman born on the island of Santiago, developed her vocal techniques with simple church singing. Elida Almeida has made a name for herself performing at world music venues in Europe, Africa and North America.

The unknown Elida won huge acclaim for her first album and the song Nta Konsigui (2.7 million views on YouTube), her warm, smooth voice conveying a powerful exultation. On her second album, Kebrada (named for the village where she grew up), she asserts her African identity, seasoning her Cabo Verdean beats – batuque, funaná, coladera and tabanka – with Latino energy. Her fiery temperament and joie de vivre do nothing to undermine the social criticism she expresses in her nostalgic ballads tinged with pop.

Elida Almeida shows an impressive maturity, talent and generosity.


Gerasonobu – 6 Nov 2020

Nada Ka Muda – (single 2020)

Ta Due with Roberta Campos – (single 2019)

Homi Nha Amiga – feat Elji Beatzkilla (single) – 2019

Anu Nobu (single) – 2019

Sou Free – feat Flavia Coelho -Mo Laudi Remix (single) – 2018

Kebrada – 2017

E Zonban (single) – 2017

Djunta Kudjer (EP) 2017

Ora Doci Ora Margos- 2014

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