Jenifer Solidade

Bring traditional music to its future


Jenifer Solidade is a young singer with a husky, modern, generous, incredibly stylish voice! Born in Mindelo on the island of São Vicente, she began her artistic career backing such great musicians as Tito Paris, Ildo Lobo, Nancy Vieira and Mayra Andrade.

Ultimately, though, it was in the clubs of Cape Verde that she made her name, particularly with her highly distinctive cover of Hit the Road Jack, she popularized the end of 2013 through a video.

 Jenifer Solidade just recorded her first solo album entitled “Um Click”, which means  “One Click”, in reference to the title “Cuidôd Na Click” (Be aware to click) in which the singer asks to pay attention to what you publish on social networks.


Ariah (Single) – 2016

Um Click – 2015

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