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Sékouba Bambino

A leading light of Guinean Music


Born in 1964 in Kintinya, High Guinea  Sékouba “Bambino” Diabaté is a leading light of Guinean Music and has spent most of his career in Guinea. After being noticed in various local groups, young Sékou wins Best Guinean Singer Award in 1979 which gets him hired in Bembeya Jazz. This is when he is given the nickname Bambino: to make the difference with Sékou Bembeya Diabaté, the group’s guitar virtuoso.

The year 1992 confirms him as a real star with the release of his second solo album “le Destin”, followed by other successes such as Kassa in 1996. In 1997, producer Ibrahima Sylla hires him on the Africando project, a unique artistic experience which takes the singer around the world and connects him with latin music. With Sylla, he records and releases several successful albums among which Sinikan (2002), 15ème Anniversaire (2004), Can History (2006) and participates to the Mandekalou experience – two albums (in 2004 and 2006) gathering the greatest mandingue contemporary griots.

Sékouba Bambino comes back releasing Innovation in 2012, an album with a dancing atmosphere and a lusophone inspiration, under the auspices of famous producer Manu Lima’s who has composed with Sekou the strong single, Sinontena.


Innovation – 2012

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